Education at the Menshikova School

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Here we teach about magic, Runes, the four Elements and Tarot.

Ksenia Menshikova is the founder and head of the school, author of books on the development of magical abilities.

The mission of the Menshikova School is to develop people’s magical and occult abilities, including all the skills that relate to our hidden potential within.

Magical consciousness is not a gift from above. It is the result of self-transformation by means of one’s will and intelligence. Only someone whose will and mind are empowered can become a true Magus.

The school has several departments covering different disciplines. The objective of each department is to reveal and develop magical abilities, based on the individual characteristics of each student.

Основной факультет
The Liberation of Consciousness Department (Main

The Liberation of Consciousness is the main department of our School where our students acquire basic skills to control the energies, study the structure of the human consciousness and learn to work in the energetic as well as informational realms of existence.

Further movement along the path of magical transformation of one’s own self would be impossible without being in complete control of one’s consciousness.

On this stage students work on the transformation of their energetic as well as informational structure. They acquire the skills of working within each of the layers of consciousness, and finding their original essence and purpose for this incarnation.

The Runes Department

Runes are not simply instruments for mantics. Odin’s Runes present a universal order. With Runes, you can comprehend the structure of this world from the subtle planes, get to know what is hidden behind the visible phenomena and open up mysterious worlds that stand on the other side of our reality.

With the help of Runes you can achieve a radical transformation of your identity, growing your own intellect and intuition up to the point of being fully in charge of these powers.

A Rune master is able to perform changes according to his own will, transforming the fabric of reality or creating it anew. The study of Rune magic in our School is built upon a deep transformation of identity, on revealing its potentiality and abilities, and on acquiring a Force that is able to create new worlds.

The Elements Department

The comprehension of the elemental forces is the comprehension of your own true nature and the awakening of the power of the Elements within yourself.

In this world, everything is connected together through the Elements. Such as that which is alive and that which is non-living, that which is intelligent and that which is not, the manifested and the invisible – all of it contains the power of the Elements, it is everywhere. And the more you become immersed into the elemental comprehension of yourself, the more you will feel this connection and unity of all with everything else.

In the Elements Department we learn to feel events on the tips of our fingers, to sense changes with our skin, to see that which is afar, to breathe in unison with the winds, to feel in our human body like we weren’t able before. This magical contact will allow you to increase the acquisition of life experience manifold.

The Tarot Department

Studying the art of Tarot in our School has nothing to do with learning card reading or spread interpretation.

Here, Tarot is viewed as a system, where each card represents a particular informational portal by the means of which our mind can connect to the global database, to the mind of the entire Universe that creates the existing reality for all and everyone. By having this ability to connect and by possessing certain knowledge, we can reprogram the codes of our fate on the highest of levels, including previous incarnations.

In the Tarot Department students get to experience a deep immersion into informational portals, connection of self to magical layers of realities, and achieve a qualitative development of their own consciousness.

The Ad Libitum Department

The Ad Libitum Department consists of trainings and lectures that don’t require any prerequisite knowledge or skills. It would be appropriate for those who have not yet started their studies in the Menshikova School and for those who would like to deepen their knowledge that has been acquired through the studies in the Main Department.

This department is for those who are just at the beginning of their magical path as well as for those whose inquisitive minds tend to have ten more questions to one found answer.

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