Runes and Gods

Runes and Gods Course

Runes Department of the Menshikova School, 2nd course: Runes and Gods.

This course deeply explores legends and myths: students learn to see the hidden meanings and encrypted messages within them. They study the gods of the Northern pantheon, each of whom provides their own channel of power. Each lesson involves studying formulas and bindings that are enhanced or only work on the specific channel of the northern gods.

As a result of this work, each student finds their unique channel and gains the ability to work with the forces of the Northern pantheon.

Course Program Includes:

  • Structure of Runic Magic
  • Study of the Yggdrasil tree’s function
  • Rules for creating formulas and bindings
  • Conducting runic rituals
  • Creating amulets and talismans
  • Decoding one’s individual runic code and crafting a personal runic talisman of power
  • Creating and decoding runic formulas
  • Studying and working on the channels of the Northern gods
  • Ragnarok 


– God Odin

– God Thor

– God Tyr

– God Heimdall

– God Loki

– God Njord

– God Freyr

– Goddess Freyja

– Goddesses Siv and Idunn

– Goddess Frigg

– God Baldr

– Goddess Hel

– The Norns

– God Mimir

– Kvasir

– God Bragi

– God Hod

– God Hermod

– God Vali

– God Vidar

– God Ullr

– God Forseti

– Goddess Skadi

– Goddess Saga

– Goddess Eir

– Goddess Gefjon

– Goddess Fulla

– Goddesses Var and Vor

– Goddesses Sjofn and Lofn

– Goddesses Syn and Hlin

– Goddess Snotra

– Goddess Gna

– Valkyries

Textbook to the 2nd course (Runes and Gods) of the Runes Department.

Additional information:

Rules for studying in the 2nd course of the Runes Department

Reminder for students of the Runes Department