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General Theory of Magic (GTM)

General Theory of Magic (GTM)

The GTM course includes both a deep immersion in the General Theory of Magic and a practical exploration of the magical systems that have left their mark on the world.

The General Theory of Magic is a course in the study of the laws, algorithms and tools of the magical art, where students are challenged to recognise, feel and see the progenitor of a particular algorithm and tool, to gain support and be empowered to use them to become more than a person, to become what we call a Mage.


The “General Theory of Magic” course consists of a series of lectures and meetings that:

  • tell about the history of the development of the magical art, the mechanisms of magic and its laws; 
  • describe magical influences by discussing various religious and mythological systems in detail; 
  • reveal magical keys by analysing myths and deciphering the messages of ancient magicians through a proper understanding of mythological plots, the study of magical systems, and much more.


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