Руны 1 ЭТТ – силы вложенные в человека изначально Обучение рунам. Старший футарк, 1 Этт, 1 атт, толкование рун, магия рун, руническая магия

Runes of the 1st Aett.1st Course of the Runes Department

RUNES of the 1st Aett- Powers inherent in you

Runes of the 1st Aett are powers initially inherent in a person, given by the right of birth. These powers are invested in a person simply based on the fact that they are human.

Working with the runes of the 1st Aett, you will awaken these powers within yourself, qualities of consciousness, intellect, and will, without which free movement through life is impossible, and a person is unable to be human and consequently becomes a slave, an animal, thinking and acting only with the owner’s permission. 

The 8 runes of the 1st Aett embody these primal forces. We will sequentially awaken each of them, never disrupting the order of the runes’ operation, as each subsequent rune stems from the previous one. Each new quality of consciousness can only arise when there is a foundation, a primal cause.

The 1st Aett of the Elder Futhark:

Rune FEHU 

Rune URUZ 




Rune KENAZ (Keno)

Rune GEBO 


Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”


Admission to the 1st Aett requires completing the 1st and 2nd courses of the Main Department “Liberation of Consciousness” (work with Etheric and Astral bodies).

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