Adequate Energy Exchange with the World

In this workshop we will study types of energy nutrition, determine personal psychotype and type of energy exchange, master universal rules of successful communication and effective relationships.

Sooner or later, everyone asks themselves this simple but very difficult question: Who am I?

In childhood, you usually get the answer from adults and intelligent people – parents, relatives or your mentors. In exceptional cases, from books. A child has to take a lot of things on faith, and up to a certain point the question is not asked again.

But time passes quickly, a child grows up, has new experiences, goes through life’s cataclysms and somehow sets his priorities. Somewhere along the way he reaches a point where it is impossible to pass without asking the same question again. But now you have to ask it, not to someone who knows everything, not to someone who is responsible for you, but to yourself.

This milestone in life is usually known as the midlife crisis.

And this crisis can come at any time – in your twenties, thirties or forties. Those who have reached this point and already know the answer to their question usually pass through their crisis easily and, one might say, unnoticed – both by themselves and by others. But if, in the course of life, a person has not tried to reconsider this most important guideline of life, once received from the older generation, then, coming to the border of ‘before and after’, he risks getting stuck there for a long time. And until the answer is found, it will be very difficult to move on in life. 

After all, every step, every decision, every event that a person experiences requires an answer from him. If he does not find it (his own answer, not a borrowed one), the magical state we call “success” and “happiness” will remain inaccessible.

Once you have mastered the skills taught in this workshop, you will be able to maximise your effectiveness in your relationships with people, avoid conflicts and misunderstandings, understand how to communicate with your children and parents, ensure career growth and better understand your partner.

In this workshop you will:

  • learn about different types of energy nutrition
  • find your own source of power
  • identify your psychotype: parent or child
  • define your environment based on psychotype and energy exchange
  • discover universal rules for successful communication and effective relationships
  • explore the peculiarities of building relationships between parents and children, men and women, employees and supervisors, and other people.

Admission: no prerequisites required

Duration: 2 days (3 hours each)

These seminars will be available in English soon! Stay tuned!

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Book: The Key to Knowing Yourself-Practical guide for the course “Adequate energy exchange with the world” of the AD LIBITUM department-