4d course. Control. Configuration of Space

Control. Configuration of Space

The world is changing and new foundations for creation and control of reality appear.

Behind us is a long and uneasy path filled with insights and achievements :

  • we have awakened and revealed the force of the Elements that is  capable to affect  every aspect of our life;
  • we have mastered our ability to manage the Elements without  any emotional involvement;
  • we got familiar with Elemental realms and studied the algorithms of influence of all religious systems on a consciousness;
  • we have developed the skill of maintaining the  Elements Cross in balance;
  • we have researched the projections of the proto-foundations within our consciousness, have revealed the connections between them and understood the level of their informational content.

And to this moment, the possibilities of magical transformation of reality and space structuring through the control of connections within the proto-foundations (their projections) are being revealed to the consciousness that had passed through preliminary training.

The next stage of transformation promises to be extremely entertaining and full of achievements!