Tarot departmnet

Tarot Department

Those who have been studying in our school for a long time know that the main purpose of moving along each line of development (departments) is the evolution of one’s own consciousness, changing the agreement with the world. And the practice of working with the Tarot is no exception.

Divination and fortune-telling with these cards, as with the runes, is not exactly what we need. We need methods, ways, techniques to change the very structure of our consciousness, to rewrite the basic rules and principles on which reality is built. And this is what we use all our magical tools for.

The Tarot is a magical tool, just like the runes. Through the images on the tarot cards and through the runic symbols we connect to the global program that builds this world and shapes individual reality.

The Tarot is a very ancient system, and no matter what is said about it today, no matter what assumptions are made about its origins, the history of the creation of these card portals goes back to the depths of the centuries, to the ancient pyramids of Egypt, to sacred tombs and Forces whose power and influence the human mind cannot comprehend.

Tarot cards are informational portals that, with the right approach, can connect the individual mind to the world computer, rewrite its program, reprogram its destiny – both past and future – at the highest level.

Through Tarot it is possible to connect with the resources that store your memory – the memory of past incarnations. Through Tarot you can influence your karmic program and rewrite it in full accordance with the system.

Through the Tarot Arcana you can read and change information about yourself.

We live in an informational world, and this is no secret to those who are familiar with observation and analysis. Everything here is subject to the laws of logic and mathematics, everything can be calculated and algorithmized. But can anyone do it? Fortunately, no. Only those who have managed to overcome all the obstacles implanted at birth can expand their consciousness to the level of understanding the system. Such a state of consciousness is called magical, and the carriers of such consciousness are called mages.

In the Tarot Department of the Menshikova School, students work to acquire a tool for using the Tarot system to connect with the magical informational layer in order to evolve their consciousness.

In order to work in the Tarot Department, students are required to purchase a complete, high quality, classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck in advance.

An example of a  low quality card

An example of a high quality card

MAJOR ARCANA- 1st course

MINOR ARCANA -2nd course

If the cards are printed in low quality, they won’t work properly. Magic tools are not something you should save on.

Download the Major Arcana of the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck

Download the Minor Arcana of the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck

Admission Tarot-1: completion of the 2nd Main course

Admission Tarot-2: completion of the Tarot Major Arcana and the Elements-1 courses