6th course of the Main Department “Liberation of consciousness”: The Currents of Forces

The Currents of Forces

In the 6th main course, students determine the source of the currents of forces, learn the laws of the distribution of the currents of forces, and build these currents into an already formed personal egregore.

There are phrases like ‘catching the wind’, ‘catching luck by the tail’, ‘catching the wave’ – people use them without realising that they are more than just a good metaphor. Behind these phrases lies an understanding of the key to success and good fortune in many areas of life.

‘Wind’, ‘wave’, ‘luck’ – these are the descriptions of the elemental forces that are beyond the control of ordinary people, who are dependent on their unpredictable nature and can only rely on the mercy of the higher forces. This is because people are ignorant of the magical laws that govern the movement of the currents of power.

In this course, students learn these laws and how to apply them. Practitioners who know the laws of the distribution of the currents of power will not only be able to “catch” currents, but also to understand why some currents are expensive for one person and cheap for another. And whether it is possible to change this.

Every mage knows where the currents of forces come from and by what rules and laws they are redistributed. In this course, students will master the ability to unambiguously determine the source of the current and learn the rules of its distribution in this world according to the law.

The purpose of such study is to build the currents of forces into one’s personal egregore so that it can work independently for the task at hand – to achieve the mage’s social goals and to extract the necessary resources.

At this course you will:

  • understand how the possession of currents of power depends on the egregorial hierarchy
  • learn how the currents of power are distributed among the egregorial structures 
  • explore different currents of power and how they manifest in the lives of people, organisations and systems
  • know the laws that govern the distribution of the currents of forces
  • gain a true understanding of which currents of power are needed for your system and which are not

As a result, students master the techniques of controlling the currents of forces, attracting these currents into their system, and learning to redirect and introduce new ideas into the common informational space.

Textbook for 6th course of the Main Department: Egregors and the system of controlling reality

 Learning rules for the 6th course of Main Department: 

Admission: completion of the 5th course of the Main Department (Buddhic body) and the interview with the mentor

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Interview guidelines 

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6th course of Main department consists of:

3 Basics Lessons. The Currents of Forces

Current of Health

Current of Money

Current of Fortune 

Current of Power 

Current of Knowledge 

Current of Love 

Current of Creation