7th course of the Main Department “Liberation of consciousness”: Gods and Forces

The Atmic body: Gods and Forces

In the 7th Main course, students are engaged in an in-depth study of myths and legends, mastering the technology of immersion in various pantheons and travelling to other worlds.

All of the currents of power that students have studied in the 6th Main course are widely represented in the various pantheons of deities and world religions.

Here on Gaia there are so few of them because our planet is a kind of testing ground where every religion practises its algorithm of separating a whole into parts and connecting them to the whole (see the current of creation).

The principle of natural selection works among the pantheons and manifests itself in the human world as well. The one who survives the longest in this process of light-dark interaction wins.

But every pantheon, every religion that has worked out its own algorithm does not disappear completely, but continues to work and improve its own achievements. Even dead religions store an inexhaustible amount of knowledge that a mage needs more than anything else (not to be confused with the current of knowledge as a principle of separation).

The deep study of myths and legends, the technique of immersing oneself in different pantheons and religions, travelling to other worlds where these pantheons are more vividly represented than in today’s human world, give a mage the opportunity to gain knowledge according to the nature of his own force – light or dark. Both gods can be found in all religions.

A mage who knows how to properly seek his own force will be able to gather the maximum amount of information from the world that will help him achieve mastery in his tradition.

This course is long because there are a large number of old and new pantheons, each with its own deities and knowledge to study.

This course is closely related to the General Theory of Magic course. However, GTM consists of theories and the 7th Main Course consists only of practical techniques, as all theory should be mastered before beginning this course.