Main department

The Current of Creation

The сurrent of сreation is the primordial power. In this seminar students have the opportunity to touch this primordial current and the mystery of existence.
Having studied all the currents associated with the human world (money and health), the world of the gods (rule and fortune), and the world of the mages (love and knowledge), the student will gain the ability to perceive (briefly) the current of creation in its purest form.


The Current of Love

Love connects everything to everything else.
It is the force that transforms matter by making a connection between one thing and another. And for any mage practising in the tradition of Light, the most important creative task is to connect the unconnected and combine the incompatible. 


Current of Power

The Current of Power

In this seminar the students learn, among many other things, to recognise the true current of rule. They learn to attract it (if they need to be transformed under the influence of this current according to a given system) or to attract people who have power by right.


Current of Money

The Current of Money

The Current of Money is the seminar of the 6th course of the Main Department. In this seminar the students will learn how to attract the current of money, direct it to their goals and objectives, transform the informational component of the power, and properly give the transformed power to the world.