Current of Power

The Current of Power

The Current of Power

In this seminar the students learn, among many other things, to recognise the true current of power. They learn to attract it (if they need to be transformed under the influence of this current according to a given system) or to attract people who have power by right. The true rulers are few. There are thousands of pretenders, and a practicing mage must be able to distinguish a true current of power from its illusion. 

You must have the right to every current of power in this world – the current of power, the current of money, the current of love, and the current of fortune. But especially the current of power because it belongs to very powerful forces and they do not give it to just anybody.

If a person has the right to money and has attracted the current of money to himself, but at the same time he wants to achieve power without having the right to this current, his ambitions, for example in political elections, will always be doomed to failure. And if he fails, he will have to pay “for his insolence” with the stream that is his by right. History shows that this is exactly how many rich people have gone bankrupt – the illusion that money can secure access to power can play a truly cruel joke.

Of course, the current of power is not only used in politics. It is just that politicians are always in the public eye, and it is easy to see by their example who has it and who does not.

When a person has this current, it is reflected in the fact that his right to power is not questioned by anyone and is unconditionally accepted by everyone. A carrier of the current of power has national love, sincere respect and the support of the electorate.

In life and in business, the right to power manifests itself in brilliant leaders. They do not need to put pressure on their people. They do not need to ingratiate themselves with their subordinates by promising them unprecedented prospects. They are understood halfheartedly, they are believed unconditionally and, most importantly, people want to obey them. Not out of fear, but out of belief.

Everyone feels surprisingly calm around a person who has the current of power. A follower of such a leader feels completely protected and safe – his leader exudes an unprecedented power that gives confidence to those around him: he knows everything. His connections are vast and his possibilities limitless.

Textbook for 6th course of the Main Department: Egregors and the system of controlling reality

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