Current of Fortune2

The Current of Fortune

The Current of Fortune

Fortune is the power that allows you to find yourself at the right time, in the right place and in the right state of consciousness. This is the formula of fortune, but in order for expectations to meet reality, you have to catch this current “by the tail”.

Even the gods recognised the power of Fortune over them and over men. Even the gods did not know the course of their thoughts and desires. But we are not gods.

We are mages, and we need to know for sure.

Fortune is a universal magic enhancer that multiplies any action, increasing its effect and speed.

Everyone needs the current of fortune in any business. You can be an excellent specialist who calculates everything and checks it a hundred times and then another two hundred times, but if fortune turns away from you, it goes down the drain.

How to catch the tail of this Lady Fortune who beckons, entices and promises, but at the last moment turns her gaze to someone else.

Intuition is the most important tool for attracting good fortune. It should be said that Lady Fortune does not like the smartest people: she will prefer the feeling person to the thinking one. But if an ordinary person is willing to abandon reason in favour of emotion just for the sake of attracting fortune, a mage will never do so. The one who wants to gain the right to control the current of fortune and make it his servant must be able to switch his state of consciousness quickly from intuition to reason and back again, and never cling to just one.

Sometimes, in magical practice, you have to give up simplifying the task in order to learn something deeper. And sometimes, it is  impossible without the current of fortune because fortune compensates for the lack of knowledge. And since knowledge is a long process, and the results must be obtained now, a mage must have the right to fortune.

Just remember, the power of fortune is like a drug. Once you get used to it, you will not be able to do anything without it. And not every system finds it necessary and useful. Each student determines the place of fortune in his system based on his own goals and beliefs.

This is the most important rule that students learn when working with the current of fortune.

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