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Magic in Questions and Answers.

Magic in Q&A.

The Q&A sessions are based on the listeners’ questions on the subjects of magic and witchcraft, occultism, esotericism and the answers given by Ksenia Menshikova, the founder of the School.

Ksenia Menshikova explains in detail many aspects of the ‘unknown’, filling in the gaps in the knowledge and understanding of magic in all its manifestations.

The questions are never repeated, so the answers are never repeated. And that is what makes these sessions unique.

The only requirement is that live session participants prepare their questions in advance; no questions mean no answers.

Admission: no prerequisites required

Duration: approximately 3 hours 

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Books Magic in Q&A series:

Magic Q&A 1: The Master of the Place

Magic Q&A 2: The Bloodline and its Power

Magic Q&A 3: Physical and Energetic Health

Magic Q&A 4: Beginning the Magical Path

Magic Q&A 5: Understanding Your Dreams

Magic Q&A 6: Oaths and Vows

Magic Q&A 7: Runes and Magic

Magic Q&A 8: The Right to Money

Magic Q&A 9: Magic as a System

Magic Q&A 10: Sorcerer, Priest, Mage

Magic Q&A 11: Four Rules of a Mage