About us

Here we teach Magic, runes, elements and tarot

Purpose and objectives of the School: is to pass on methods and techniques to students in order to reveal their magical and occult abilities, including all the skills that relate to their hidden potential within.

The school offers 5 departments in different disciplines. The objective of each department is to reveal and develop magical abilities, based on each person’s individual characteristics.

At present, the School has the following active departments:

  • Main department “Liberation of consciousness”  
  • Elements department 
  • Runes department 
  • Tarot department
  • Ad Libitum department 

Mentors of the School


Ksenia Menshikova

is the founder and head of the school. Author of books on the development of magical abilities.

Ksenia Menshikova does not provide any personal consultations. Never and to anyone.   All questions can be asked via the forum, which is regularly monitored by the school’s mentors.


Alla Minevich

Mentor at the Main department (1st-5th courses), Runes department and Elements department. 

Manager of the Menshikova School since 2008. She will lead you on the path of knowledge and power.


Tatiana Sidelnikova 

Mentor at the Main department (1st-5th courses), Tarot department and Elements department. 

She will help you master the skills of controlling your own mind and carefully answer your questions.


Alexey Kobelev 

Mentor at the Main department (1st-2nd courses) and facilitator of the School Clubs.


Petr Aberg

Mentor at the Main department (1st course) and facilitator of the School Clubs



General contact information:

For general enquiries send us an email to diana@mage.school  or dana@mage.school

Questions about the beginning of the study:

Diana: +79911660509  (Telegram/WhatsApp)/e-mail: diana@mage.school

Dana:  dana@mage.school