Elements Department

About the Elements Department

If you set the goal of finding yourself in magic, understanding the magical art, and developing magical mastery, you should remember that knowledge of elemental forces, their comprehension, and the ability to interact with them are the Alpha and Omega of any magical discipline, and without this, there is no progress.

All magic is built on primal, pure energies. It is not advisable to draw energy from the human world for magical transformation, as it has already been influenced and altered by the human world. A system of witchcraft may operate with such energies, but for the profound transformation that magic entails, these energies may not be sufficient.

Our school works in the canons of the Western European magical tradition, which includes ancient Druidic and Volhv knowledge, based on the power of the four basic elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Through the elements in this world, everything is interconnected. This connection forms a vast consciousness where no element is excluded from the overall processes of elemental interaction. The more you learn and discover the elements within yourself, the more you will feel this connection, this unity: with people, with nature, with weather phenomena, and with the effects of various changes in whatever space they occur.

To feel events at your fingertips, to sense changes with your skin, to see the distant, to breathe in unison with the winds, to feel in a way that has never before been possible in the human body – this magical contact will elevate the experience of being in life several orders of magnitude higher than before.

In our School we learn the elements as part of ourselves, and ourselves as part of them; become one and inseparable whole; feel their constant dynamic presence; see all the effects carried by their presence and allow them to be.

Admission prerequisites:
completion of the 1st course of the Main department (Etheric body).
completion of the 2nd course of the Main department (Astral body).

During the studies at the Main Department, our students develop hypersensitivity, brightness of perception and heightened intuition that allows them to sense what is inaccessible for other people.
That is why to gain admission to the Elements Department students must complete all the modules of the 1st and 2nd course of the Main Department in order to master the ability to manage sensations, emotions and astral power. This knowledge and skills are necessary for the consciousness to perceive the primordial elemental forces without any restrictions and to work with them masterfully.

This course will be available in English! Stay tuned!

In order to participate in online group session or to purchase pre-recorded videos contact school coordinator Diana – diana@mage.school

The Elements department includes 4 courses:

1st Course: The Power of the Elements. Unveiling.

Studying the elements, immersing oneself in the elements, and the ability to draw strength “directly” from the elements.

Admission requirements for the Elements department:

All this knowledge is necessary for the consciousness to be able to perceive the primary elemental force without limitations.


2nd Course: Elemental Spaces. Cognition

Exploration of the elemental spaces.

At this level, we study the stable elemental formations that define the realm of life for people of different abilities and castes. At this level, our students learn not only to recognize these realms unmistakably, but also to be able to exist there, benefiting themselves every time.

Admission requirements
completed 4th  course of the Main department (Causal body)
completed 1st course of the Elements Department: The Power of the Elements


3rd Course: Proto-foundations. Transformation

Activation and filling of consciousness with primordial forces through the power of the elements. Working with Karma-Zero.

Admission requirements
completed 4th  course of the Main department (Causal body)
completed 2nd course of the Elements Department: Elemental realms


4th Course: Unknown. Control.

Mastering the basics of reality formation and control.

Additional Information:

Textbook: “The Power of the Elements”