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Социальные сети Школа Меньшикова – хорошая возможность не пропустить важное. Подписывайтесь и будьте в курсе важных новостей.  новостей. Группы в социальных сетях. Меньшикова ютьюб. 

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Additional Information:

School Talks and Clubs is a place where students can openly discuss topics related to education at the Menshikova School as well as the topics of magic and esoterics.

About the Menshikova School

The School is created for those in search of answers to their questions, searching for sacred knowledge and for those trying to overcome the boundaries of their ordinary being. For people who think and comprehend, and want to reveal the hidden potential within them. The School unveils the mysteries of the magical interactions of Elemental forces, of the ancient magic of Runes, and of the system of Tarot. All of this is designed to transform the consciousness and form a magical worldview. Ksenia Menshikova is the founder and head of the School, author of books on the development of magical abilities

The mission of the Menshikova School

is to develop people’s magical and occult abilities, including all the skills that relate to our hidden potential within. Magical consciousness is not a gift from above. It is the result of self-transformation by means of one’s will and intelligence. Only someone whose will and mind are empowered can become a true Mage. The School has several departments covering different disciplines: