Mental Body Main course

3rd course of the Main Department “Liberation of consciousness”: Mental Body

Mental body

The Mental body is the realm of thoughts, words, concepts and behaviour patterns.  All of these together form a person’s “world view”. The 3rd Main course aims to expand mental boundaries, develop memory, speech, and the ability to control the Word, set goals correctly and achieve them quickly.

The ability to work masterfully in the Mental realm is where all magic begins. One who does not know how to create a world view for himself and others, who has only the mechanisms of energy control, may  be a sorcerer or a clairvoyant, but not a mage. Magic begins at the level of the Mental body.

At this course you will:

  • develop the ability to work with your mental energy
  • remove the energy-informational marks (negatives) from the Mental body
  • learn how to direct purposeful movement towards your goal
  • assemble and dismantle mental constructs, and create programs to achieve your goals
  • gain the skill to manage your intentions
  • set the right priorities in all areas of your life
  • master the art of creating mental programs
  • comprehend the magic of the word – interpreting the words, connecting different words, forming mental constructs, – and understand their controlling power
  • create word spells for the programming of consciousness
  • know how to send your request to the common Mental realm and how to properly decipher the response

3rd course of the Main Department “Liberation of consciousness” consists of:

– 3 Basics Lessons

Duration: 3 days (3 hours each)

– 5 additional seminars

The additional seminars of the 3rd course:

To participate in online group lessons, please contact the school coordinator Diana – 

Textbook for the 3rd course of Main Department: Mental Body – “Controlling The Energy Of Your Thoughts”

Admission: completion of the 2nd Main course – Astral body

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