Most frequently asked questions from students

Most frequently asked questions from students

This article is for those who have recently learned about the Menshikova School on the YouTube channel, SOCIAL NETWORKS or from friends; those who may have already read MENSHIKOVA’s BOOKS and most likely even looked through WEBSITE pages.

And so you have decided to become a student of the Menshikova School. If your APPLICATION has not yet been submitted, it means that you still have questions and doubts. Let’s try to resolve the most common ones.

Where should your education begin?

Education at the School starts with the 1st Main Course of the Main Department. After completing the 1st Main Course you need to complete all the related seminars.

After successfully completing  the 1st and 2nd Main courses, as well as all the seminars, you will have gained access to other departments in the School.
Each level implies a certain body of knowledge.
An interview with one of the Mentors is mandatory in order to transition to a higher-level course.