Correction of the Prenatal Development

Correction of the Prenatal Development

Additional modules of the 1st Main Course

Correction of the Prenatal Development

Our body remembers absolutely everything. Even if the mind has forgotten. This is called body-oriented memory. The memory of the body begins to form even before the first breath at the moment of conception, in the womb. Everything that a mother experiences in the period of carrying a child, he or she also feels.

How many mothers can brag about a happy and joyful life? How many of those who wore a child under their heart can say with confidence that their life was rolling like a hot knife through butter? And that during the pregnancy they did not worry and were not nervous, and they did not feel anxiety about their fate and the life of their child? Their baby feels and understands everything. But not with the mind, but with the body, that is, with sensations.

It is necessary to awaken this memory and also to make sure that it does not negatively affect the life of an adult person. For this, some simple but very important work should be done. 

Session contents:

• The concept of biological memory.
• Impact of prenatal development on physical health and personality traits.
Exploration of the energy and information content of the prenatal period of life from the moment of conception to birth.
Correction of negative elements picked up in the prenatal period of development.
Birth trauma correction.
Harmonisation of communication with mother.

Considering that this period of life is the foundation for building the entire structure of consciousness (including the physical body), harmonisation of this period leads to serious results, both in restoring and maintaining health, and in revealing the potential possibilities of consciousness and liberation from the “embedded” internal restrictions. 

Duration: approx. 3 hours.
Admission: 1st Main course. Day 1-4 completed. 

Pre-recorded video seminar in English will be available soon. 

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