Runes Department

Rune Studies. Runes Department.

Runes are one of the branches of ancient magical practices and constitute a complete discipline.

Just as the minor is a part of the major, yet reflects all its properties.

In this department, students study runes, not as a tool for divination or prediction. Such uses are too superficial for a profound subject like runic magic.

Here, runes are studied as descriptions of cosmology, detailing all the energy-information processes—from the structure of human consciousness to the structure of the universe’s consciousness, which is fundamentally the same.

A modern rune master, like any true contemporary mage, utilizes millennia of knowledge without ever forgetting that he practices his craft and weaves runes not in an ancient tower atop a cliff. He lives in a high-rise in a metropolis during the era of worship to the god of technological progress.

But whether a thousand years ago or today, the rune master weaves the fabric of reality based on the same principles as his distant predecessors.

Through rune training, students grasp these principles, uncovering them within themselves and for themselves. Runic magic is not straightforward.

It integrates both magical (informational) and shamanic (energetic) principles, not separating but uniting them.

Learning Objective

The task of a practicing mage is not only to maintain and restore the sacred order of the universe but also to enact corresponding changes at will. Runes are one of the most powerful methods for such actions.

Runes allow the mage to proceed in two simultaneous directions.

Firstly, there is the energetic work which enables the understanding of the mysteries of nature and hidden worlds beyond our reality.

Secondly, it is the path of profound personal transformation. It’s a journey of developing intellect and intuition to the point of absolute understanding and mastery of these forces. 

Any magical practice will only be effective when these two paths converge in the mage’s consciousness at a single point.

These two paths, previously discussed, can be defined as “wisdom” and “inspiration.”

Wisdom encompasses knowledge and information, not just in theory but in practical application—wisdom allows for the correct application of knowledge.

Inspiration is the force, energy, and desire. Without them, transformation is impossible, and no magical practice can be executed.

These two paths are inseparable. Runic magic is always results-oriented. Most importantly, the power of runes stimulates the mage to continually search. This search is endless, and thus a rune researcher measures their success by the results achieved and their understanding of the quality of the changes made.

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