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Memo to students of the Rune Department

Memo to students of the Rune Department

The lessons in the Runes department are designed not only to study runes, but also to make them. For this, you will need:

Rune Blanks

Usually, we send the students of the Runes Department a ready-made set of standard size blanks. However, if the student wants to make them himself, he can do so and choose the material he likes – wood, stone, bone, leather, and so on. The main thing is that the material must be natural.

Wood for runes. Memo to students of the Rune Department. Wooden rune blanks. Stone rune blanks. Memo to students of the Rune Department. Rune blanks.

Once the wood has been chosen, it needs to be prepared. 


 Preparation is not just about working and shaping the future rune carriers. It is also about making the connection between the future carriers and the master’s own energetics.

If the wood is chosen correctly, there will be a sense of mutual amplification during the charging process – this means that the power of the tree has resonated with and amplified the power of the mage.

The runes should be treated with sandpaper (coarse and fine), made smooth and uniform in size. I recommend making all 24 blanks at once.

The students of the Runes Department also need to sew (make) rune pouches with their own hands – they have to be stored somewhere. For this, students should also use only natural materials – leather, wool, linen, or cotton.

Someone will sew a bag and someone else will knit it. And here you should be guided only by your own sense of what is best, and not be distracted by the advice and guidance of others.

This applies to everything – the material, its colour, texture and the shape of your future rune blanks. All finished runes and blanks for them should be kept in this pouch.

Tools for carving runes knife for making runes tools to make runes

Tools for making runes

Tools you will need:

 – a sharp knife or some basic woodworking tools

 – a ruler

 – a protractor

 – thick paints

 – wood glue

 – thin brushes

 – needle or ruling pen

How to carve runes? How to colour them?

The colour of each rune is chosen at personal discretion. Many of our students choose a completely different colour for each rune – one that they associate with power, vibration and meaning of a particular rune.

How to carve runes how to colour runes how to activate runes

How to activate runes?

The activation of runes is one of the most important stages in their creation.

By combining the rune with his own biological substance (blood, saliva), the runemaster imbues the rune with his own biological properties and they become one.

If you are serious about the practice of runic magic, there should be no hesitation and no fear. But if the mere thought of cutting your finger and spilling a drop of your blood makes you panic, then you better not start.

Magic in general, and runic magic in particular, is not a game, but a very serious practice.

It is best to take blood from the ring finger of the left hand. And, of course, remember to follow the rules of hygiene and disinfection.

Shilajit (blood, saliva) can be mixed with paint, or you can use it to activate a rune you have already drawn.

Participation in online seminars

In the seminars you will:

  1. Learn the Elder Futhark (24 runes). Each lesson is dedicated to one rune. The work is done according to the methodology described in the book “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”.
  2. Work on energetic and informational issues that prevent the expansion of consciousness.
  3. Make runes with your own hands. And much more 

The learning process is divided into several stages:

Stage 1 – The First Aett. The first set of eight runes of the Elder Futhark – “The forces invested in you originally”

Stage 2 – The Second Aett. The second set of eight runes of the Elder Futhark – “The forces requiring development”

Stage 3 – The Third Aett. The third set of eight runes of the Elder Futhark – “The art of getting results”

A break between studying Aetts is required for independent homework with the runes.

a pouch for runes a pouch for runes a pouch for runes





The Runes department is open to students who have the appropriate level of preparation, and have mastered all the techniques of the 1st and 2nd courses of the Main department:

  • the 1st Main course. Etheric Body and all the additional seminars (the ability to manage one’s energy and the ability to quickly enter the basic state “I Am”)
  • the 2nd Main course. Astral Body and all the additional seminars (the cleansing of the Astral body. At the time of working with runes, any fears associated with the right to reveal one’s potential should be removed from consciousness)

For those who study asynchronously:

  • the 1st Main course and all the additional seminars 
  • the 2nd Main course and all the additional seminars 

Students wishing to study in the Runes department should have the above conditions in mind and express their wish in advance. This is necessary in order to be included in the group and to receive the blanks for the runes that you will be carving in the class.

If you have any questions, please contact our coordinators for more information

Diana: +79911660509  (Telegram/WhatsApp)/e-mail:


From Ksenia Menshikova

Students of the Runes Department should remember: “Runes are not a tool for divination”. I do not teach my students fortune telling and prophecy – it does not need to be learned, when the consciousness is ready it can predict everything itself.

Runes are a very ancient system of magic. They have been left to us by the ancient gods to help and support us. The power of runes is so great that it can raise the consciousness of the practitioner to unprecedented heights. And that is only the beginning.

As a follower of the old school and classical understanding of the runes, I teach my students not only the mastery of the runes. We learn the basics of the ancient Norse tradition, the knowledge and understanding of the original sources, the ability to feel the runes and the presence of the gods through them, the ability to make contact and establish a long and lasting connection with them.”

See you in class! With respect, Menshikova.

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