Buddhic Body

5th course of the Main Department “Liberation of consciousness”: Buddhic Body

Buddhic Body. The Main Course

Buddhic body

The Buddhic body is one of the highest levels of consciousness that controls a person’s system of values, beliefs and convictions.

At this level of consciousness there is a ‘control panel’ for all the processes that take place in consciousness. The functioning of the whole consciousness depends on how the Buddhic body is formed.

All life values are written there, all beliefs are reflected. It is at this level of consciousness that all priorities are set.

By changing our value system, we learn to change our ‘immutable’ structure, which completely changes our life and destiny.

To rewrite the system of the Buddhic body is to make a new agreement with the world. And it will be done correctly, competently, taking into account all the laws and rules, with full awareness of mutual obligations.

All the existential volume gained on the previous levels of work is written here. It is for the purpose of rewriting the Buddhic body that the whole long journey of self-transformation has been undertaken. At this level, the student confirms their right to resources: the right to money, the right to love, the right to power and, of course, the right to magic.

A mage differs from an ordinary person in that he knows the price of every right. The agreement made with the system is completely transparent and clear to both parties.

The programming your Buddhic body is pure mathematics. In this course we will learn the rules and standard algorithms acquired by many generations of mages.

Textbook for the 5th course of Main Department: Buddhic Body – “Egregores and the System of Controlling Reality”

Learning rules for the 5th course of Main Department: 

Admission: completion of the 4rd course of the Main Department (Causal body) and the interview with the mentor

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5th course of the Main Department consists of:


6 Basics Lessons. Buddhic body

 The additional seminars of the 5th course

Controlling the System of Values

Strengthening the Core of the System

Strengthening the Body of the System

Strengthening the Live Space of the System

Strengthening the Dead Space of the System

Egregorial Structure of the World. Hierarchy of Egregors

Formation of Personal Egregore

Goal Setting via Personal Egregore