Strengthening the Body of the System

Strengthening the Body of the System

Tools of egregorial influence are those resources and opportunities which are necessary for a mage for faster and better realisation of the goals and tasks prescribed in his system. A mage should have many tools, such as money, power, love, connections, the ability to make contacts, and the ability to think clearly when others panic.

Note that all of the above are not the purpose or meaning of the life of a mage. They are tools to achieve a greater purpose, a higher meaning – magic.

An ordinary person can afford to live for love, wealth, or power. A mage can’t. His existential volume must be very high at this point, and to set small goals for himself is to lose a large part of it.

Those students who reach this stage of work should understand this very well.

In the Strengthening the Body of the System seminar we learn how to prescribe specific goals and how to correctly and quickly select and obtain tools for their realisation. We learn how to set vectors of goals and how to get additional tools if necessary.

The Body of the System

This part of the system reflects the keys and meanings that our consciousness defines as goals.

The purpose is the application of the powers of the core of the system. They concretise the use of the received currents of power and help to manifest the meaning of the system in reality. We can say that the body of the system is a special case of the core of the system.

Each force needs to be given a real physical projection in the world of first attention, not just scattered in space. The force wants to be applied to a specific point in space and time, to ‘fertilise the earth’ and to be given a real right of physical representation.

There is only one way to do this: through the channel of intention already established for that purpose. The channel is determined by the nature expressed in the psychotype (towards or away from oneself), but the law of the core determines the current itself. The implemented purpose makes the current real, tangible, and multiplies being with concrete forms of creation.

Textbook for the 5th course of Main Department: Buddhic Body – “Egregores and the System of Controlling Reality”

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