Goal Setting via Personal Egregore

Goal Setting via Personal Egregore

The Goal Setting via Personal Egregore seminar is the final seminar of the 5th Course, where students master the ability to quickly make connections with energy-information structures that interest them. The main task is to establish adequate energy exchange and to achieve results almost immediately.

The created egregor, whether it is an egregore of a person, a mage, a company or a party, will only be alive and successful if it has enough connections and “agreements” with the informational systems in the informational space.

The more connections that are made with structures, the clearer the rules and relationships and the greater the certainty that a person’s development in a society, company or community will go according to plan and be protected from being destroyed and absorbed by other energy-informational structures.

The energy-informational structure – the system you have created – is a new agreement. This is a binding agreement between you and the world web into which it must be woven. Like a knot in the fabric of reality that cannot be ignored – this knot is part of the overall pattern, and without it the fabric may be different.

Two essential conditions in this agreement are reflected in the system created, namely what you gain and what reality gains.

What you gain is your core. It describes the new status, the new position in the world and the new level of rights that will be achieved if the agreement is fulfilled.

What reality gain is written in the dead space – these are actions performed, vices destroyed, rights gained – meaning the informational and/or material changes in the world that must be. Perhaps, through your actions, they will become algorithms for the construction of the future reality, in which your god (that is, you yourself) will not occupy the last hierarchical position.

Now evaluate your system from this point of view and say: what will change in this world if your system works as programmed and becomes the subject of a real agreement?

Is the change appropriate?

The winning algorithms of your force, of your god, must manifest here in our reality and produce not virtual but very real changes. These changes will become the immovable milestone on the fabric of reality, on the line of historical processes, which should be taken into account in the formation of the program for the future.

Such a fixation will help you not only to gain true rights, but also to strengthen the sphere of influence and the “right to sit on Olympus.”

Have a look at your system – is it your case?

Does your agreement suggest that the reality in which your system will unfold will be somewhat different from what it is now?

In order for this to be the case, you and the general system of world order will have to change – at the very least to reserve your rights. If you change and reality does not, you will not be satisfied. If reality changes and you do not – it will not suit reality.

A new structure of the Buddhic body does not affect the soul, but the personality. If the old personality was very far from the needs of the soul and you have now corrected it, then you should be prepared that the personality will soon begin to change habits, character, speed of reaction, rules of behaviour – everything that somehow makes this person special in the eyes of other people.