Strengthening the Dead Space of the System

Strengthening the Dead Space of the System

In the Strengthening the Dead Space of the System seminar we develop the tools of system defence. We clearly define our enemies and implement them into the program. And work with the system of geis – ritual rules and actions that strengthen the system and the core.

The Dead Space of the System

The dead space should not be overloaded with meanings, but neither should it be empty. Overloading this space leads to paranoia. All the resources of your system, the tools of system defence, will work for defence and only for defence, and there will be no energy or time left for real action to fulfil the task of your soul. So if you see that there are too many keys in the dead space of the system (more than in the core) – enlarge them and bring them to a single meaning.

These keys that get into the dead space of your system are really overloaded with meanings – they are very significant in your consciousness, but this significance overshadows the essence, kills your nature and hides the main thing. The marks that carry the maximum number of meanings will always tend to become the core. This is why the key meaning of the dead space of the system now acts as an enemy – it is a potential threat and you do not yet have a universal antidote for it.

If the dead space is empty and no keys have been implemented, the system is careless, unprotected and vulnerable. In this case, you need to look at the core and ask yourself a simple question: “What can make me refuse to fulfil the purpose of my system, betray the keys, and direct time to the wrong place? Answer it honestly, either by finding hidden enemies in the living space, or by implementing them in the dead space of the system. What could be a potential carrier of a virus? And from your personal experience and all the work you have done with the Causal body, you can clearly deduce who is an enemy of the system.

The keys of the dead space connect the system to the environment, but they are opposite in meaning to the core. This will inevitably doom you to defeat, forcing you to spend resources and time maintaining connections that are clearly harmful to your system. You will get nothing from nature if you go against its intention and waste its gifts on the meanings of other people.

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