The 1st Main course of the Elements Department: The Power of the Elements.

1st Course: The Power of the Elements. Unveiling.

The first main course of the Elements department is designed to uncover, awaken elemental forces within oneself, explore various states of consciousness while being immersed into different elements.

The elements are the basic primordial components which this world is “woven” from.

The very first building blocks for creating reality.

The entire world and everything in it are the elemental forces. Every human, every animal, every blade of grass, and everything in general consists of elemental forces. The difference between all living things lies in the different combinations of these basic elements, which determines the diversity of the living nature. All forms, all images, all material and immaterial things have the power of the elements at their core. Everything manifested is the result of the interaction of elemental forces with each other.

The Magical laws of understanding diversity state that based on the effect, it is impossible to conclusively judge the cause – the reason for the occurrence of the effect. However, understanding the basis of the effect allows one to see (calculate) the multitude of possible other manifestations of this basis, and through such insight derive universal magical laws of reality formation.

Elemental mages engage precisely in this, rather than maliciously conjuring up hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters, as told by those who are shackled by fear of their own ignorance before the mighty power of the primordial.

In the “Elements” course, students:

  • delve deep into the primordial forces of the elements,
  • familiarize themselves with the elements,
  • learn to excite them within their own consciousness,
  • develop the skill of invoking and manifesting them through their subtle bodies and their connection with the chakral structure,
  • conduct explorations of states of consciousness while engaged with various elements.

Here, it is essential to cleanse the Astral body in terms of susceptibility to the elements. The cleansing is performed until the moment when the elemental forces begin to flow.

Additional classes for the first course of the Elements department include:

Earth Element

Fire Element

Water Element

Air Element

Elemental Combination: Air -Water

Elemental Combination: Fire – Earth

The Elemental Cross

The Basics of Healing

Course textbook: “The Power of the Elements”

Rules for completing the 1st main course of the Elements department:

Admission – the 1st and 2nd course of the Main department plus mandatory seminars.

In order to participate in online group session or to purchase pre-recorded videos contact school coordinator Diana –

Additional information:

Rules for transitioning to advanced courses and education at the school.

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