СТИХИЯ ОГОНЬ - сила движения и развития, чакра восприятия Свадхистана, свойства эфирного тела: скорость, экспансия, сила, страсть

Fire Element

Fire Element

The seminar of the Elements 1 course of the Elemental Department.

The element of Fire corresponds to the etheric plane. The vibrations of Fire are rapid, ever-changing, absorbing all organic matter into itself that Fire can penetrate. Fire is the necessity of penetration both in depth and breadth. If Earth is the force of tranquility and stability, then Fire, its opposite, is the force of movement and development.

The perception chakra of the Fire element is the Svadhisthana. It is through this chakra that fiery vibrations are perceived by the body and consciousness in its purest form, and therefore, the element of Fire is capable of unlocking the Svadhisthana chakra, tuning it to the range of the basic element, and imbuing the etheric body, in turn, with the properties of Fire — speed, expansion, strength, passion. It is the element of Fire that determines the basic qualities of the etheric body, not vice versa. The etheric body is initially intended to accumulate energy and distribute it in this “collected” state.

The occult meaning of Fire is power, expansion, and dissemination. The power of authority requires spreading to everyone; it is not selective or fragmentary. This property of power is given by the element of Fire that generates it: informational currents flowing through light channels must cover every consciousness, infiltrate all minds, making no exceptions for anyone. The egregorial space has the ability to strengthen its leader with its own currents of power, but these are artificial currents; they do not contain the magical component of Fire — only its principle.

Fire in consciousness not only involves increasing reaction speed but also the speed of decision-making, the energy of “single burst,” necessary and sufficient for influencing processes, pinpoint strikes, and achieving goals. Immersion in the element of Fire activates connections between the primary elements, which predetermines both the potential of egregorial inclusions/exclusions and the caste affiliation of the individual.

In this session, students practice:

  • Deep immersion in the element of Fire.
  • Awareness of the manifested effects of the masculine element – thought, speed, expansion, connection with the etheric body.
  • Crafting a Fire amulet (an individual object of power) and learning to work with it.

Course textbook: “The Power of the Elements”

Theory: p. 58

Practical part: p. 430, p. 473

Admission1st main course of the Elements department.

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