Parental Programs. AD LIB Department. 7-day retreat, Work out paternal and maternal programs. The power of blood and power of spiritual connections.

Parental Programs

The Parental Programs Workshop is part of the Ad Libitum Department. It will help you get rid of the paternal and maternal programs that have been passed down through your bloodline.

Paternal and maternal programs are at the core of the human psyche. We are connected to our parents by blood. And this is the strongest magical connection in our world. Blood relationships cannot be broken, so we have to learn how to manage them: how to make some more meaningful and others less so.

But in addition to the power of the blood connection, there is also the power of the spiritual connection.

For a girl, the father always personifies the outer world and the mother the inner world. For a boy it is the other way round: the mother personifies the power of the outer world and the father personifies the power of the inner world. Here lies the key to problems that are no longer based on blood but on upbringing, problems that are purely psychological in nature.

Sometimes parental programs and social programs reinforce each other, and sometimes they conflict. The purpose of this workshop is to remove this conflict, to expose the strongest branch by blood or spirit.

In this workshop you will find hidden answers to questions such as:

  • What is it that determines the destiny of a particular person?
  • Is it an accident to be born into a certain family or is it a pattern?
  • Does the fate of the adoptive parents have an impact on a person who has been adopted? Which connection is stronger: by spirit or by blood?
  • Is there a deep meaning to all past experiences, or are people just puppets in the hands of fate?

And many more

In finding the answers to such questions within themselves, each seminar participant reveals certain abilities within themselves that have been blocked due to an elementary misunderstanding of what is going on.

The workshop is usually held ‘on site’ so that nothing interrupts the deep immersion in the process.

Duration: 5-7 days

Admission: completion of the 2nd course of the Main Department

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