AD LIB Department

The Ad Libitum Department consists of workshops and lectures that don’t require any prerequisite knowledge or skills. It would be appropriate for those who have not yet started their studies in the Menshikova School and for those who would like to deepen their knowledge that has been acquired through the studies in the Main Department.

This department is for those who are just at the beginning of their magical path as well as for those whose inquisitive minds tend to have ten more questions to one found answer.

The Art of Controlling Reality

Step into the realm of magic through the eyes of Mages in the book “The Art of Controlling Reality.” With unadorned honesty, this book offers an insider’s perspective on the boundless possibilities and wonders of the magical world.

Who are Mages?
What is their purpose? 
Can anyone become a Mage, or is it a path reserved only for the chosen few? 


The Key to Knowing Yourself

Practical guide for the course “Adequate energy exchange with the world” of the AD LIBITUM department
Unlock the secrets of self-understanding and unleash your full potential with the book “The Key to Knowing Yourself.” In a world where authenticity is often overlooked, this book serves as a guiding light to help individuals align with their true nature and find fulfillment in every aspect of life.


The Power of the Bloodline – a Woman’s Mystery

Dive into the profound wisdom of the bloodline with the book “The Power of the Bloodline – a Woman’s Mystery,” a captivating exploration of ancestral knowledge and feminine power. In a world where the importance of family and tradition is increasingly overshadowed by material pursuits, this book serves as a beacon of enlightenment for women seeking to reclaim their sacred heritage.


Magic Q&A 1: The Master of the Place

In this collaborative effort between students and mentors, we delve into the profound mysteries of the natural world, seeking to understand the spirits of the place and the masters of the earth. Through open discussions and private meetings in the “MAGIC UNITED” forum, we unravel the secrets of interacting with the world around us and harnessing our totemic power.


Magic Q&A 5: Understanding Your Dreams

Embark on a fascinating journey into the enigmatic realm of dreams with our comprehensive guide, “Understanding Your Dreams,” part of the esteemed Magic Q&A series.
Have you ever puzzled over the cryptic messages hidden within your dreams, struggling to decipher their meaning? Rest assured, you’re not alone. In this book, we delve deep into the intricacies of the subconscious mind, unraveling the symbolic language of dreams that often eludes conscious comprehension.


Magic Q&A 6: Oaths and Vows

Welcome to the 6th installment of the Magic in Q&A series, where we delve into the depths of arcane wisdom to unlock the secrets of oaths and vows.
In this book, we embark on a journey through the labyrinthine corridors of magical knowledge, exploring the enigmatic realms of ancient traditions and mystical practices. Join us as we unravel the mysteries surrounding oaths and vows, shedding light on their profound significance and esoteric meanings.