Wheel of the Year. Pagan Holidays.

Samhain. November 1st. Waning of the Earth Element. The Night of Veles. Celtic foliday Samhain. Sauin. Pahan holidays on the Wheel of the Year. The Night of the Spirits.

Samhain. The Wheel of the Year. Pagan Holidays

Starting with this day the Earth element falls asleep for six months. The force of the elements is becoming quieter and quieter, and it can no longer exercise its will on what is happening to all its children. On the night of Samhain the veil between the human world and the dark world of the dead rises, and our worlds approach each other to the point that a mutual influence becomes possible with no restrictions.


The Wheel of the Year.

The Wheel of the Year. Pagan Holidays.

All four elements during the calendar year (the Wheel of Year) go through the stages of falling asleep and awakening, thus forming eight fixed points – the points of power during which transition takes place, the elemental reconstruction of space. The ritualistic tradition of the Slavs and the Celts was designed for the attuning of the human consciousness to the realm of natural forces during the moments of transition – and in this regard, they were able to perfect it.


Mabon. Ovsen. September 20-23. The Autumn Equinox. Pagan Holidays on the Wheel of the Year. Waning of the Water element. Celtic Festivity.

Mabon. (Ovsen). The Wheel of the Year. Pagan Holidays.

From this day on, in the world of nature, the waning of the Water Element begins. The combination of Air and Water gives motion to the current of time, but from the moment the Air starts to wane, it becomes as if slower, and the decrease of the activity of the Water Element seems to stop it altogether. The myth of the birth and becoming of a young god shows that his journey in search of power and experience takes him away from this world. 


Beltane. May 1st. The Wheel of Year. Pagan Holidays. Awakening of the Earth Element.

Beltane. The Wheel of Year. Pagan Holidays.

May 1st. On this day, the Earth element awakens. Awakened by Water, it opens itself up, letting power into the outside world. By the time when Earth awakens, Air and Water have already set the rhythm of time flow for the rest of the year: the rate at which events will occur, and the speed of new changes. Now is the time to manifest what has been done.