Elder Futhark Course

Runes. Course 1. Elder Futhark

Elder Futhark

The Runes Department’s curriculum consists of three stages, aligned with the 3 Ætts of the Elder Futhark, each developing specific personal and spiritual qualities:

1st Ætt – powers inherent within a person.

Awakening necessary natural qualities. (Introductory session + 8 runes of the 1st Ætt).

2nd Ætt – qualities that must be recognized and developed.

Runes of the 2nd Ætt deeply affect the structure of the personality, modifying it according to the natural qualities identified in the 1st Ætt. This stage involves aligning consciousness and subconsciousness. In magical practices, training begins for students who have reached at least the Warrior Caste level.

The 2nd Ætt helps reach the minimum necessary level for training in magic. (8 runes of the 2nd Ætt).

3rd Ætt — mastery in achieving results.

Runes of the 3rd Ætt reveal abilities (or impossibilities) for achieving results through a specific path. This ultimately determines not only the social effectiveness of a warrior but also their future “color” in magic—light or dark. (8 runes of the 3rd Ætt).

At the final lesson, all the runes are united into a network in such a way that changing (understanding) additional qualities of any rune of the Futhark automatically changes all other rune qualities and, consequently, recalculates the program of fate.

The final step of the 1st Rune course is the Initiation into runic magic, always conducted as a ritual—a presentation ritual to the Gods of the Northern Tradition. It is always a mystical act, where each member of the group study steps onto an individual path of development.

Passing through the Initiation is the basis for advancing to the 2nd course of the Runes.

Textbook to the 1st course (Elder Futhark) of the Runes Department-Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World

Rules for studying at the 1st course of the Runes Department:

Minimum preparation for this course: completion of the 2nd course of the Main Department.

An interview before the start of the course and individual consultations during education.

Reminder for students of the Runes Department

These courses will be available in English soon! Stay tuned!

In order to participate in online group session or to purchase pre-recorded videos contact school coordinator Diana – diana@mage.school

NB! Currently, K. Menshikova only allows those who have completed the 1st course of the Runes Department in her School to be initiated. Those who have studied runes through Menshikova’s books, independently, in other schools, or with other masters are not allowed to the Initiation.

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