Руны 2 ЭТТ – силы, требующие опознавания и развития. Полное обучение рунам. Как понимать и толковать руны. Руническая магия

Runes of the 2nd Aett. 1st Course of the Runes Department

RUNES of the 2nd Aett- Powers requiring development

2nd Aett – qualities that need to be recognized and developed. The runes of the 2nd Aett deeply affect the structure of the personality, changing and correcting it according to the natural qualities identified in the 1st Aett. At this stage, the alignment of consciousness and subconsciousness occurs. 

Having learned the first 8 runes of the initial Aett, you have mastered the powers inherent within you. 8 elemental forces, 8 abilities, 8 pieces of knowledge and skills — everything that Nature has bestowed. You have awakened these qualities within yourself, uncovered the original powers, and this means that you — a human — are capable of developing other qualities, which are built on the natural foundation, the original forces.

It is these qualities that a person should acquire during his life and develop within himself, that you will be introduced to in the second part of the study “Runes of the 2nd Aett.”

The following 8 runes will teach the foundations that are the key to achieving success, realizing your life path. They are also strictly sequential, and in this lies the same sacred meaning: you master the skills of achieving results in this life gradually, one ability becomes the basis for another, and without mastering them, you cannot learn something more complex and profound.

Thus, a person who has learned to walk acquires the ability to run, having learned to read, is able to hear and speak with an author who may be thousands of miles, or even thousands of years away, having learned to write, acquires the skill to express his thoughts on paper, having learned to count, can describe the world through numbers.

By understanding the deep meaning of the following 8 runes, you, like a new person, will sequentially develop within yourself the qualities and knowledge necessary for the ability to live specifically in this world. By knowing it, you know yourself in it, and it in yourself. By developing qualities of consciousness within yourself, you tune the surrounding world to yourself, learning to achieve results right here, in this World.

This world is a living being. And like any living thing, it does so according to certain laws related to the world of the living. Similarly, the same laws exist within you, and if you understand them, then you will understand the laws by which this world is constructed. Possessing knowledge, you will develop the skill that will be applicable specifically to this knowledge and, consequently, will have a practical result in life. What kind? Building your personal destiny, your life, of course.

So, what skills and abilities does a person of this World need to comprehend and develop?

You will learn about them further, moving sequentially from rune to rune, developing within yourself the qualities that will become the basis for the next, deeper result. For without the simple, the complex cannot be understood or built.

The entire 2nd Aett is aimed at the ability to manage the key elements of one’s consciousness and apply the powers awakened in the 1st Aett. This mastery will allow you to balance the dark aspects of the subconscious with dreams and ideals, teach you to use the dark, hidden power to achieve the desired result, not contradicting yourself and not denying anything.

The 2nd Aett of the Elder Futhark:



Rune ISA 

Rune JERA 





Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”


Admission to the 2nd Aett requires completing the 1st Aett of the first course of the Runes Department. 

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