Rune Isa

Rune Isa

The symbolic meaning of the rune Isa is “Ice.”

What exactly is ice? It’s frozen water. What was once moving has stopped under the influence of certain forces. It was liquid, and now it has solidified. It displayed its strength in flexibility, adaptability, and movement, but has now become solid, rigid, and static.

The quality that the rune Isa imparts is will. More broadly, it’s the will to live, to create, to defy and to stop in time. How do you use it, how do you develop it? What is your will like?

Is it like water — soft, pliable, taking any form? Or like a blade, tempered in battle — hard and unbending?

The qualities of water are good for interacting with the external world of people and events: to penetrate, to fill every void, to find and merge into one’s niche. The internal state should be like a blade, like ice. The will to move towards a goal, the will to win, a tool for battle, unbending and firm.

The rune Isa will help you temper your will when there is no movement inside, regardless of external influences.

The rune stops external and internal stereotypical reactions. From the outside, it might seem that a person has turned into an ice cube, cold and unfeeling. All other areas of consciousness will function as before. And the attention will not drift to an automatic reaction. No subconscious hooks or buttons will work when they are acted upon. Feelings, emotions, reactions are frozen. Only reason remains — pure, cold, unadulterated.

Isa freezes the internal processes of automatic reaction, and you become an Observer.

Without emotional evaluation, you will observe events, participate in situations. And only Will, as an awareness of the power of your own Self, will dominate.

Isa governs the present — “here and now.”

It helps to stop during movement when it is driven by inertia. It excludes everything from the inner world that causes inertia. Everything that inevitably pulls forward during movement and prevents understanding and realizing the correctness of one’s path.

The world of Niflheim, to which the rune Isa is the key, is a world of illusions and delusions. A world of fogs, a world of eternal ice and sleep. Those who possess the key to this world can distinguish the illusory, fabricated reality from the real one. The key is will. Those who master their own will cannot be deceived by illusions, cannot be made to sleep while awake.

Unyielding will is a sign of a very mature and adult soul, the consciousness of a Mage, changing the fabric of reality according to his will. Those who are on the path of magical transformation of themselves must master the power of the rune Isa perfectly. Then reality will start to bend under their gaze, not the other way around.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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