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Goals and Values

The unique Goals and Values workshop helps you align your goals with your values. Participants work to uncover their true motivations in life by analysing the reasons for their own desires and actions, and gain a powerful magical tool for aligning goals and values.

By rewriting the connections between values (the Buddhic body) and goals (the Mental body), you can change your lifelines, free your future life from the obligation to follow a particular script, correct the mistakes of your parents with your own life, and remove the influence of the system. 

The workshop will provide you with a powerful magical tool for aligning goals and values that will not only help you achieve your goals, but will also instil in your consciousness the rule of individual success. It will also be a guarantee that goals will be achieved automatically. And it’s not a miracle, as it may seem at first.

Success is different from luck because it’s always the result of the ability to think, analyse and not be afraid to face your true nature.

The main difference between magic and psychology is that it touches on all facets of being, and not just on internal, spontaneous reactions. It has to do with forces whose nature has not yet been described.

Therefore, for those new to magic, the approach to unlocking your potential may be somewhat surprising.

Magic is not a spell that is chanted in a horrible voice under the moonlight. Magic is first and foremost the ability to think, to analyse, to compare things that are not connected by human logic, things that at first glance have nothing to do with each other.

Magical thinking differs from pragmatic thinking mainly in that it is able to see invisible connections and draw analogies where an ordinary person with simple consciousness would not even think of doing so. 

All students of the Menshikova School who have completed this seminar have achieved great success in their lives, rewriting all or part of their destiny and changing their karma. 

Following the exercises and homework Menshikova gives in this seminar is very important.

Textbook Goals And Values. How To Stop Being Like Everyone Else

Admission: no prerequisites required

Duration: 4 days 

These seminars will be available in English soon! Stay tuned!

In order to participate in online group sessions or to purchase pre-recorded videos contact school coordinator Diana – diana@mage.school