Goals and Values. How to Stop Being Like Everyone Else.

Practical guide for the course “Goals and Values” of the AD LIBITUM department

We welcome you to the transformative journey outlined in “Goals and Values – How to Stop Being Like Everyone Else,” the essential textbook for the seminar of the same name at the Menshikova School. Within these pages, you will discover the power to redefine your destiny and break free from the confines of predetermined paths.

At the core of our existence lie our values, shaping the trajectory of our lives and determining our fate. But what if the path laid out before you no longer resonates with your deepest desires? What if the thought of repeating the patterns of your parents fills you with dread? The good news is: you hold the power to change your reality.

This book unveils a revolutionary methodology for rewriting your values and dissolving the scripted events that have held you captive. Through a specialized process of uncovering and realigning hidden connections between values and goals within your subconscious, you can liberate yourself from the constraints of fate.

By meticulously rewriting these secret programs embedded in your consciousness, you pave the way for a future untethered to the predetermined scripts of the past. The rigid influence of societal norms and familial expectations begins to wane, opening up a world of endless possibilities and uncharted territories.

Join us on this transformative journey as we unlock the secrets of the mind, rewrite the scripts of fate, and chart a course toward a future defined by our own values and aspirations.

The book will be available soon. Stay tuned!