Rune Eihwaz

Rune Eihwaz

Traditionally, the meaning of this rune is Yew, protection, and defense.

Eihwaz defines qualities developed over a lifetime, qualities that allow one to understand, comprehend, and even change the given fate. However, this can only be done over time, through living life and gaining experience.

The qualities described by the rune Eihwaz are embedded in its symbolic meaning—Yew. On one hand, in the tradition of northern peoples, it is the tree from which weapons were made. This allows us to view Eihwaz as a rune of defense. But not external defense, as the bow and arrows are always in the hands of the warrior. And only he decides when and how to use them. On the other hand, Yew is a poisonous, very poisonous tree. Our ancient ancestors were likely well aware of this characteristic. Therefore, another quality of this rune is directly related to Death.

Eihwaz is dualistic

And due to its dualism, it demonstrates two ways in which a person, relying on his needs and determining what will be primary and secondary in his life, creates his own fate. This creation process occurs in an endless struggle for personal safety, for the right to live. And how one does this largely determines the quality and direction of life.

The first method—unfortunately, the simplest and most common—is to go into deep defense, reduce life activity to a minimum, and shield oneself from fears, both external and internal. This is the path of closing oneself off from the World, affirming that the world is frightening and dangerous, and the best defense is thick and strong walls that provide a sense of security.

The second method is more complex. Because it involves not defense but an attack—transforming fear. Through fear, to introduce oneself, one’s consciousness, and one’s ideas into the world, to change the existing reality in favor of and in the name of one’s own need.

Eihwaz will help you learn to separate false danger from real danger.

The protection it provides is based not on external forces, but on internal ones. It is precisely the state of internal power, the ability to turn one’s fears into an asset that determines a person’s further fate, the quality, and level of life.

By combining the knowledge revealed to you by the Three Norns through the runes Naud, Isa, and Eihwaz, you will come to the realization of your own fate.

Nothing in this life is worth fearing. To be wary—yes, but not to be afraid. Caution is when you know the strengths and weaknesses of the world you live in. You know what people around you are capable of, and you understand the motivation behind their actions. Fear is a property of ignorance. The less you know the world, the more you fear it.

Reevaluate all your fears from this perspective: can they lead you to physical demise or not. And then it will become clear—what is worth fearing, and what is not worth spending your life powers and time on.

If you manage to reassess your fears, to exclude false and imaginary ones from your life, events of a completely different quality will begin to form around you. In accordance with your true desires and true needs. Yours, and yours alone.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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