Rune Nauthiz (Naud)

Rune Nauthiz (Naud)

The rune Nauthiz symbolically represents “Need,” “Necessity,” and “Fate.”

Experiencing necessity is an inherent human quality. As long as a person is alive, they will always need something, want something, and aspire to something. The words “need” and “necessity” are similar in meaning but differ in perception.

Need is about suffering from the lack of something essential, something you cannot do without. It’s more about vital necessity than whim. Necessity is something else.

Notice the difference in perception between the phrases: “I am in need” and “I have a necessity.” Do you see it? Necessity feels like a pull from the solar plexus and chest, pulling you forward, towards movement, towards realization. Need, on the other hand, feels like it drops down to the stomach, presses, and confines.

Need burdens and binds hands and feet. Necessity drives action, provides drive and excitement. Necessity is joy, need is deformity and pain. Such perception makes a person turn away from their needs, pretending that such need doesn’t exist at all. And if it does exist, it is seen as a grave sorrow. But there are necessities — energetic, strong, deserving respect. Thus, it is necessity, not need, that drives a person through life. If there is a need, but you don’t feel the necessity to satisfy it, it will pull you down, make you powerless and apathetic, unable to achieve and change in your life.

Necessity is energy, need is information.

But let’s look at the issue from another side. Can there be a necessity without need? No, that’s an illusion. Nothing comes from nowhere, and necessity always arises where there is need.

And here starts the most interesting part.

If a person has a necessity to satisfy their desires, if there is a drive to move through life, but they do not recognize, understand, or fear their need, then this amazing human ability (to experience necessity and satisfy it) will be used to eliminate the needs of someone who understands and is not afraid. Because necessity and need are interrelated and interdependent things. No necessities would arise in your mind if there was no need for them.

If a person himself does not wish to recognize, and therefore, realize his need, then his energy (necessity) will always be used for action. But only for someone else’s benefit.

How you understand and accept your need, there you direct your energy-necessity. But the result you get in the end will satisfy not the necessity but the need. And whether it’s your own need or someone else’s — that’s a big question.

If, in fulfilling a necessity, you experience deep inner satisfaction, strength within yourself, and an understanding that everything is happening correctly, then it’s not so much the necessity but your inner, true need that is satisfied.

However, if in satisfying a necessity you feel a puppy-like joy, but inside you still feel an unending hunger, it indicates that your true need remains unmet. And the result, as a consequence of satisfying the necessity, is an indicator of closing someone else’s need, not yours.

In the rune Nauthiz, memory is encoded, which is the primary cause of fate and tells you what you must do in this incarnation, what your mission is at this moment in time.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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