Rune Hagalaz

Rune Hagalaz

The rune Hagalaz symbolically means “Hail.” It represents limitation. 

The true interpretation of this rune is self-awareness, as evidenced by the rune’s configuration. It limits space to shift a person’s attention from their usual reactions to external objects to a space that relates to the person himself. This involves looking at the space of one’s actual life without being self-absorbed.

Despite the strangeness of such detachment, at a certain stage of self-knowledge, it is simply necessary. 

Knowledge is the key to success. 

Knowing the boundaries of your personal space helps you first see the real scope your attention can cover and, secondly, learn to manage this space.

How well do you know the sphere of your influence? Are you falling into illusions regarding what truly belongs to you and what does not? Do you understand what actually limits your personal space and your deep-seated limitations?

Working with Hagalaz not only helps you see the true state of things but also teaches you to manage through limitations. The rune advises, “Start small, start with yourself.” Learning to control yourself allows you to manage your life, events, and circumstances. Recognizing your limitations arms you. This is the case where your own shortcomings can become a powerful weapon—importantly, knowing how and when to use them.

By shielding yourself from the external world, you can accumulate all your energy, which was previously scattered, in your own space, directing it toward personal goals and tasks. This energy potential for destruction helps reveal and break behavior patterns that lead to personality destruction.

The external space cut off by Hagalaz can be compared to destruction from a tornado. Old, outdated energy connections are torn, and channels that were pumping out energy destructively are cut off.

The space limited by Hagalaz is your real property.

Your actual energy reserve that you can manage and use for creation. After all, you can only manage what truly belongs to you, right? This is exactly what the rune Hagalaz teaches—to not fall into illusions, to understand the limits of your current capabilities. Based on this realistic view of things, you can work towards results.

It’s necessary to timely free yourself from the unnecessary, or it begins to overload the consciousness. Clinging to anything that allows old life programs to persist.

Hagalaz is the rune of the deep subconscious. Although it is considered the most “ominous” rune in all of the Futhark, its benefits and power are undeniable. It alone can help ruthlessly part with old junk and send it off to the world of Hel, the world of the dead, the world of everything outdated and unnecessary.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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