Rune Perthro

Rune Perthro

Its symbolic meaning: lot, mystery, initiation. A pouch for storing runes.

The mysteries of the future and the secrets of fate have always enticed humans more than anything else. But how to unravel the intricate threads of cunning fate? How to attract and keep fickle luck close?

These questions have always been shrouded in mystery for humans. Only a few, the “chosen ones,” for some unknown reasons, possess the codes to access the space of events and manage to extract information about the future that has already occurred.

Today, humans are uncovering the mysteries of the universe, exploring and describing nature thoroughly. They have split the atom and nearly unlocked the secret of the genetic code. Yet, they still believe that they have no control over their destiny.

You think it’s nonsense, absurdity, how can that be? There is an explanation for such thinking and perhaps even a justification. By adhering to such beliefs, a person simply removes responsibility for their own life and fate. If nothing depends on you, you must rely on the will of providence, the mercy of the Gods, and go with the flow — maybe things will turn out. Familiar viewpoint, right?

The process of pondering life is fascinating but, alas, unproductive.

The misfortune of a person in this case lies in the fact that such belief deprives them of the ability to work with their consciousness. Moreover, it does not allow them to interfere and alter their energy structure according to their own goals and desires, based on personal, inner tasks. The human consciousness acquires static forms, making it impossible to make changes that could influence their future, rewrite their life path. Such a person’s future becomes predetermined, inevitable, a constant.

Take responsibility for your life

Fortune-tellers and seers do not lie for a second; they truly read the already formed future of a person. The path of their future life, the events they have shaped with their consciousness. Within the movement of humanity, this picture appears even more fatalistic. It is not surprising that many seers go mad from the realization of the inevitability that comes with revelations. When the static consciousness of one person is a problem of the individual. But when the will and mind of all humanity are asleep, the threat of inevitability spreads to everyone.

The collective responsibility, which includes such a principle, is present in the formation of reality everywhere. Belief in inevitability does not allow people to change their world and mind through their willpower. The unchangeability and static nature of consciousness create a firmly constructed destiny, which only strengthens the belief in fate.

And only when life completely drives a person into a corner, when the limit of human patience is reached, when changing the surrounding reality is no longer a fantasy but an urgent necessity — only then does what is called “breaking the consciousness” begin. It is very painful, sometimes unbearably so, but inevitable. Like surgical intervention for an advanced disease.

Therefore, the conclusion suggests itself — one should not let the situation reach a point of no return. Working on your consciousness should be constant, continuously learning the art of managing your own reality.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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