Rune Sowilo

Rune Sowilo (Sol)

The traditional meaning of the rune Sowilo is the sun, vitality, wholeness.

This rune combines all the knowledge, all the understanding, and all the skills you have acquired while studying the runes. It is in this sense that the concept of wholeness resonates here.

The rune Sowilo will help you realize all your achievements and skills, uniting them into a cohesive system. It will help you manifest them in the world to their fullest extent. Only when you have a holistic view of yourself can you consciously choose the further path of your life’s journey. Not aimlessly, as the saying goes, “as fate may have it.”

The sun, as a symbolic meaning of life or vitality, suggests that any mastery should live on. Every action you take should be filled with the power of life and self-awareness, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, the power of desires, talent, and soul.

Rune of the impossible, inspiration, and hope

If you look at the configuration of the rune, you will see that its shape is similar to a lightning bolt and engages all subtle bodies in consciousness. It unites them with an intricate configuration of insight — both external and internal.

Such an open configuration of the rune will help you manifest yourself in various situations. Experience diverse emotions and desires, have access to new and perhaps even non-traditional information. Change your life quite radically. But without changing yourself at all, fully understanding and assessing everything correctly.

A holistic view of yourself, your life, and the reality you have created is only possible when you have traversed the path of self-awareness from all sides. When no element constituting your personality escapes attention. Yes, it is unpleasant to look at a sagging belly. But it’s better to know than not to know.

And if you understand that the picture you have painted for so long is not the real you — start over. It’s better to start from scratch and make your life the way you want it, rather than endlessly living in the illusion that everything is fine.

Sowilo — the rune of light

And light is necessary for you to see everything as it is, not in the half-tones and twilight of your own illusions.

A sign that your consciousness has changed its angle of vision and perception of reality can be the sudden understanding that the usual emotional reaction is no longer there. There is no thrill and euphoria, but there is also no “universal sorrow” and self-flagellation. Life does not become bland, but you perceive its taste, its fullness differently — like how a gourmet and a professional taster perceive food differently. The gourmet savors the components, the taster looks at the whole picture.

Sowilo helps you become a professional in this life, a specialist in its holistic perception.

Wholeness is an indicator of strength. Strength is your influence on the world and your own destiny. There are no doubts, no unnecessary hesitations, and you know that everything in your life happens correctly.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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