Руны 3 ЭТТ -  умение получать результаты. Изучение Старшего Футарка, руническое исследование, изучение 3 ЭТТа, какие результаты можно получить

Runes of the 3rd Aett. 1st Course of the Runes Department

RUNES of the 3rd Aett- Achieving Real-Life Results

The runes of the 3rd Aett are about the ability to achieve tangible life results, revealing capabilities (or showing limitations) for achieving outcomes in specific ways. This ultimately determines not only a warrior’s social effectiveness but also their future “color” in magic—whether light or dark. 

Having studied the 1st and 2nd Aettir, which awakened the innate powers within and revealed the personal qualities that everyone should develop in their lifetime, we are now prepared for these powers and qualities to lead to actual changes in situations and life. The time for this has arrived.

The next eight runes will demonstrate methods through which you can express yourself. The ability to use these methods indicates wisdom in life and internal strength. However, it’s important to remember that we are all different. Everyone has their preferences, both in the results they seek and the methods to achieve them.

The knowledge gained from studying the 1st and 2nd Aettir allows you to act not according to a template but based on your exhibited tendencies and unique personal qualities.

This method, where you don’t need to break yourself, impose limitations, or expend unnecessary effort, lets you freely direct all your energy toward achieving results. You already know that the stronger the energetic transmission, the faster the result is achieved.

Any potential internal subconscious resistance has already been neutralized. Thus, you can confidently begin to master the art of achieving results through various non-contradictory methods and choose those that are optimal for you.

The method you choose to achieve a specific goal greatly determines the outcome. If you use the same method to achieve different goals, be prepared that not all goals will be achieved, not all desires fulfilled, and not all results will meet your true needs. Why? Because while you can hammer a nail with a hammer, it’s quite difficult to fix a TV with it.

Different goals require different tools. Sometimes aggression is necessary, other times diplomacy. Sometimes you need to listen to yourself more than others, and sometimes the opposite. But all these skills need to be learned!

This will be our focus while working with the runes of the 3rd Aett.

The following eight runes, which you will now become acquainted with, teach how to achieve results. Eight runes represent eight methods, eight goals, eight outcomes.

The 3rd Aett concludes the entire Elder Futhark, logically providing development and continuation to the already known powers and acquired skills.

By now, you know yourself better than before studying the runes. You know what you truly want, your strengths and weaknesses. Only with such knowledge can you act effectively. Only self-knowledge can serve as the foundation for constructing the line of your destiny.

Runes of the 3rd Aett of the Elder Futhark:

Rune TEIWAZ (Tiwaz)






Rune OTHALA (Othala)

Rune DAGAZ (Dagaz)

Uniting all runes into a circle: Activating the transformation program

At the final lesson, all the runes are united into a network in such a way that changing (understanding) additional qualities of any rune of the Futhark automatically changes all other rune qualities and, consequently, recalculates the program of fate.

Initiation into Runic Magic

The final step of the 1st course of the Runes is the Initiation, always performed as a ritual— a ritual of presentation to the Gods of the Northern Tradition. It is always a mystical act, where each member of the group embarks on their individual path of development.

Passing through the Initiation is the basis for advancing to the 2nd course of the Runes Department. Students who have not passed this stage are not admitted to further studying. Those who have learned runes through Menshikova’s book, independently, in other schools, or with other masters, are not admitted to the Initiation.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”


Admission to the 3d Aett requires completing the 2nd Aett of the first course of the Runes Department. 

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