Rune Laguz

Rune Laguz

Rune Laguz

The traditional meaning of the rune Laguz is water, as a stream, as a carrying force. The rune Laguz encompasses intuitive knowledge, sharpens hypersensitivity, and teaches us to track the currents of forces correctly, to be in the flow, to catch the moment, and to use the world’s power for our own benefit.

The skills developed for interacting with the external world will find concrete application by combining the deep knowledge of “where am I going and why do I need this?” with an intuitive understanding of how to achieve the necessary effect as quickly and beneficially as possible.

The space in which you build your reality is filled with various currents of forces. They permeate the space, and the wider your consciousness, the more currents are available to you. The ability to feel the currents and attract them to yourself is the opportunity to always be “in the right place at the right time and in the right state of mind.” This guarantees that luck and happiness will always accompany you and that no minor or, gods forbid, major misfortunes will destroy your world, your reality, or ruin your life.

The rune Laguz is intuition. Intuition that includes sensations, emotions, knowledge, and faith. It encompasses all levels of consciousness, gently but powerfully leading you into the currents of forces you need and, as a result, protecting you from what can harm you.

Laguz allows you to simultaneously combine two developed skills. Two powers. Two concepts: trust and control.

Trust in Yourself

Trust in yourself is perhaps the most crucial factor in living a bright and interesting life. If there is no trust in yourself, your life will always depend on the decisions and opinions of those you do trust. Only for your decisions can you bear full responsibility; only your truth should shape your destiny — these are the foundations of trust in yourself. This is probably the only possible way for someone who consciously seeks to transform their life. Trust in yourself is absolute, total confidence that your life path depends only on you.

The Reverse Side of Trust is Control

In this case, it can be clarified: trust in yourself — control over the environment. Control over changing circumstances to be able to adjust in time and catch the necessary force for the task of the moment. Trusting the situation means removing the control of your mind over the possible actions of this world. You still won’t be able to calculate all the possible development options for events since their formation algorithm is still unknown to you. It is a complex multi-element formula, the key to which is hidden in the structure of the Tree of the Nine Worlds. But the results you get from the formation of events are yours. They must always be controlled — this way you enrich your experience and, most importantly, achieve real material results, which is what is needed.

If you trust your own sensations, if the result is more important to you than the process, then your consciousness is fully capable of allowing the necessary flow to guide you to fulfill your dream.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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