Rune Berkana

Rune Berkana


Its traditional meaning is a birch twig. It symbolizes feminine strength — flexible yet always whole.

A birch twig can be bent, twisted in any way, but it is very difficult to break. The female essence has the same properties — a woman can bend, twist, and turn as much as she wants without breaking. Especially when a woman has someone and something to protect. 

It helps to achieve steady results, by passing obstacles, bending but not breaking. 

The configuration of this rune is completely closed. There will be no external influence. There will be absolute self-containment and focus on nurturing and preserving one’s idea, maintaining inner integrity. It is in this state that the qualities of flexibility and negotiation are maximized.

A remarkable trait of a woman is her ability to simultaneously perceive information from various sources. Her heightened sense allows her to hear, see, and feel at the same time. This combination is called intuition. A woman may struggle to construct a logical chain of thoughts, but she can produce a ready result based on her feelings, bypassing logical processes.

Berkana is passive, receptive power.

Any woman who has ever carried a child in her womb knows that with the birth of a little person, living as before is no longer possible. The same goes for the birth of an idea — it can turn and change one’s entire life, leaving old habits, beliefs, and lifestyles behind. Any idea requires changes, first and foremost in its creator.

The ability to notice details and compose a picture from them distinguishes female perception from male. A man sees the whole picture and highlights small components on the general background. A woman does the opposite: she takes small elements and creates a picture of existence from them. As you understand, the resulting pictures are different.

Do you really want to change the course of your life, your destiny? 

Then the rune Berkana will guide you on how not to kill the idea in its infancy, not to fear change, and painstakingly nurture your dreams first within your consciousness and then, once brought into the world, in this reality.

The more serious and global the idea, the more time and effort is needed for its implementation. Patience is one of the inherent qualities of a woman, which perfectly illustrates the process of nurturing an idea: one should not give birth before the due time. Developed intuition contributes to this quality — observing changes, not making decisions immediately, gathering information, nurturing the idea until it is ready for realization and birth.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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