Rune Mannaz

Rune Mannaz


The symbolic meaning of the rune is “Man” as a personality, a wise and knowledgeable person.

The wisdom of a person is determined not by the number of years lived, nor by knowledge and education. Wisdom is the ability to feel and understand other people. It is the ability to achieve your goals without forgetting for a minute that the people around you also have their own goals. Wisdom is the ability to use the power and aspirations of others to achieve results both for yourself and for them.

The configuration of this rune is open-closed. It includes two powerful currents from Sky and Earth. It filters them through an inner filter — the filter of the personality itself, transforming them in a strictly individual manner. The point of concentration of attention (AP) is fixed by this rune on the Buddhic body. This helps to evaluate the surrounding reality from this dimension.

Mannaz — the Rune of Inner Initiation

The rune of internal work and liberation from “dragon skins.” With Mannaz, you will expand into this world, remembering that this is the World of People. It is made by them, animated by them, and is continuously shaped by all humanity every second of time.

Worldly wisdom, spiritual wisdom, the wisdom of experience and youth — all this will become available when the fear of people disappears. Consciousness will acquire new experiences, fearlessly entering into “risky” endeavors and contacts that were previously avoided. They will no longer be dangerous or risky but will simply become interesting.

To take the position of another person without losing sight of your own interests is the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Always remember that any person who helps you achieve results should also benefit from it. If you understand their deep motivation, grasp the essence of their personality, and consequently their secret, unspoken desires, your tandem will be more successful and effective.

Mannaz — the Social Man

At the moment of tuning in with another person, you begin to understand and feel them more clearly from their perspective. Your consciousness seems to split. One part of you guards your own interests, while the other tunes in to the other person, gathering information from them. The two parts of you, having exchanged the information received, begin to jointly develop an interaction algorithm based on mutual benefit.

The primacy of the result over the process of achieving it allows you to focus on the main thing — the priority of your own goal. At the same time, the fact of gaining new experience is welcomed by consciousness, regardless of the emotions you experience in the process. Because any experience is primarily strength and knowledge. Emotions and experiences, if put at the forefront, will not allow you to gain this new experience. Consequently, you will have neither power nor knowledge.

The most valuable thing in the world of people is relationships.

The rune Mannaz allows you not only to see the “sticking point” of any person but also to adjust to them. Understand their true motives. Speak with them in the same language. At the same time, gaining new experience of perceiving reality. This is an invaluable skill that greatly expands consciousness, making it flexible and receptive to new experiences and new information.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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