Rune Ehwaz

Rune Ehwaz


The traditional meaning of this rune is “Man” or “Sleipnir.”

Sleipnir is the eight-legged horse of the god Odin. Its symbolic meaning is interpreted ambiguously. The ancient skalds gave us, their descendants, a hint — the symbol of man embedded in this rune.

Only humans have such a complexly organized structure of consciousness. Only humans combine two incompatible forces: firstly, the need for safety, comfort, and well-being; secondly, the need for growth, self-improvement, and development. These two forces could quite easily destroy each other, and that would have happened if not for the great gift from the gods.

The gods created humans not simply “in their own image and likeness.” They bestowed upon them an invaluable gift — a part of themselves — immortality.

The rune activates four stages of achieving results:

  1. Physical strength and energy;
  2. Desire and initiative;
  3. Realization of intentions in reality;
  4. The higher meaning of the deed.

Ehwaz is the power of internal movement, the ability to go within oneself.

Staying within, to expand outward, not leaving oneself, remembering oneself, not changing oneself.

A truly remarkable quality, which is manifested in the rune Ehwaz, is flexibility of thinking and steadfastness in the sense of oneself and one’s goal. When these two qualities combine, a completely new state of consciousness arises — a magical perception of the world.

In the process of understanding this rune, there will be much communication and movement. Wisdom and knowledge are acquired through constant interaction with people, the plant world, the animal world, and also with beings from other forms of existence. A person who can freely manage all his subtle bodies becomes free in this World and, like the god Odin, gains access to other Worlds. This is another magical meaning of this rune — overcoming the rigidity of consciousness, the ability to open transitions between worlds.

Ehwaz — the rune of rapid changes and speed

Everything that has been in a state of stagnation until now will not just move from a dead point but will be rapidly realized.

The rune Ehwaz symbolizes freedom in all aspects and grants you the right to move in any direction and achieve results everywhere. Like Sleipnir with eight legs, like the wind blowing from eight directions, like the rose of the winds — balanced, accessible, open — so too does the rune Ehwaz allow you to understand and realize your divine nature within yourself.

Ehwaz — the second birth

The second birth occurs when consciousness begins to control the body and life, not the other way around.

The holistic picture of the world revealed by the rune Ehwaz turns from a flat picture into a three-dimensional, multi-dimensional one. It is no longer static, but changed in the process of time, dynamically transforming the picture of existence. If consciousness is accustomed to living in a static mode, fixing only frame-photographs with memory, then the new perception of reality in volume and dynamics may seem unclear and even frightening. Like a person who has been blind for a long time, after surgery becomes sighted. The first impressions and sensations can be overwhelming.

But this is a temporary phenomenon — the deeper you go into the process of transformation under the influence of this magical rune, the more accustomed and even necessary the new view of things becomes, the stronger the need to see meaning and essence in everything. This state is as natural as the process of life.

Freedom of thinking and, consequently, freedom of personality, lies primarily in the ability to freely move into different dimensions, not getting stuck anywhere, but drawing strength, energy, and knowledge from each world.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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