runic initiation

What is the purpose of runic initiation?

Runic Initiation

What is a runic initiation and what does it provide? The essence of initiation, the ritual of runic initiation at the Menshikova School, presentation to the gods, introducing a person into the current.

“What obligations does the ritual of runic initiation at the school impose on a person, given that many students continue their interaction with religious structures afterward? And does it provide any ‘perks’ in working with runes, like a deeper understanding compared to those who have not undergone initiation in this form?”

Let’s start from the premise that a person’s forces would not allow them into the initiation without a reason. If they have allowed it, it means they consider it correct both for the person and for themselves. The fact that a person continues to interact with religious structures is, unfortunately, inevitable. It’s hard to live in a plague barracks and not come into contact with the plague. You just have to make certain injections, certain vaccinations, so that you get over it quickly and never get infected again.

The runes help us never to get infected. Our own consciousness, will, and desire for freedom help us get over it quickly. That is, to free ourselves from the yoke of slavery.

Does passing the initiation provide any ‘perks’ when working with runes? Absolutely. At least, those people who try to delve into our topic and work on the second course of runes without initiation — there have been such episodes, usually get no effect at all. No harm, but also no effect compared to those who have undergone the initiation.


Initiation is purely a ritual moment — presenting the student to the gods. After all, colleagues won’t always be studying at the school. They will leave the school someday, maybe even very soon. What then should they receive in terms of renunciation from the Runes? No one has such a right.

And this means that they must be able to cope with all tasks without the school, directly with the forces. And for that, the rules of decency must be observed, initiation is a ritual. A ritual of acquaintance, a ritual of introducing a person into the current.

This current changes the person himself, and further movement through life and magical development occurs already on the contact person — god.

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