Rune Jera

Rune Jera

Traditionally, the rune Jera signifies “harvest” and “fertility.”

This rune is the key and symbol of the world in which you and I live, a world to which we are bound and belong by the fact of our birth. This world is Midgard, the Middle World, the world of Humans.

A fundamental feature of life in this world is that humans embody qualities from the other 8 worlds that surround the Middle World. These qualities manifest themselves in the very fact of human life, which has a beginning and an end. These qualities conflict with each other. Light and Darkness exist simultaneously within each of us. Entering into conflict, they initiate a mechanism, a drive, that propels a person through life. To doubt and seek, to create and destroy. This process is called life.

The life of all living things depends on the natural course of time, which is initiated by human biological nature. It is humanity, battling Chaos, transforming it into Order. By ordering according to their discretion, humans are the generators of this energy—the generators of time. If there were no humans on earth, only the rest of the natural world, time would flow much slower, and this flow would be governed exclusively by natural processes, with minor changes.

Time is the greatest human value.

How one handles time affects such life outcomes as fact, duration, and consequence.

When a person cultivates the land, plants a seed, nurtures it, and harvests the crop—this is a path that has a beginning and an end. So it is with any endeavor you undertake—it all started from something. One should never forget the motive, the reason that prompted you to take a step in the direction of your path.

One should never forget the path that was traveled to achieve the result. Then the cause-and-effect connection that binds together all the events in your life will become clear to you. This knowledge becomes conscious and thus a comprehensible and accessible tool.

It is very important, when realizing the action of the rune Jera, to feel the rhythm of the development of events and to take each specific action in accordance with this rhythm.

The rune Jera has one remarkable effect—it always shows you the result proportionate to the efforts made and steps taken, although it may also not match expectations.

Such is this interesting paradox. This paradox offers much in understanding the processes that link intention, actions, and results. This is the transformation that the invested energy undergoes on the path to achieving the result. The entire chain of “intention—path—result” will unfold before your eyes. You just have to see it…

The rune Jera is of the causal flow of events and time. It will reveal to you the principle of the cyclicality of processes occurring in the world. It shows what “cyclicality” is—a state of consciousness, and as a consequence, of life, in which many reside.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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