The Art of Controlling Reality

Practical guide for the course “General Theory of Magic (GTM)” of the AD LIBITUM department

Step into the realm of magic through the eyes of Mages in the book “The Art of Controlling Reality.” With unadorned honesty, this book offers an insider’s perspective on the boundless possibilities and wonders of the magical world.

  • Who are Mages?
  • What is their purpose? 
  • Can anyone become a Mage, or is it a path reserved only for the chosen few? 

These questions and more are explored in depth within the pages of this groundbreaking book.

Unlike anything written before, “The Art of Controlling Reality” unveils forbidden knowledge that was once shrouded in secrecy. Traditionally, Mages sought answers through self-discovery or guidance from their mentors. However, the veil of secrecy is lifting, ushering humanity into a new era of grand events.

Magic, as the art of reality management, reemerges after millennia, poised to reshape the lives of those who dare to embrace its teachings. Authored by seasoned Mages, this book goes beyond mere words or trends—it’s a testament to the profound belief that individuals hold the power to shape their own destinies.

Discover the hows and whys of magic’s resurgence and its profound implications for humanity’s purpose. “The Art of Controlling Reality” is a must-read for those who recognize the significance of magic in our world.