The Power of the Bloodline – a Woman’s Mystery

Practical guide for the course “The power of the bloodline” of the AD LIBITUM department

The subject of the bloodline that is reviewed in this book is especially current today. Many workshops and seminars are dedicated particularly to this very subject. Family dynamics, family psychlogy, psychotherapy – is something that excites people’s interest. Because family is something most important and valueable that a person can have. But, unfortunately, in the recent decades, the value of family and Bloodline has been gradually dissapearing from the lives of people in our society. Money, wealth and material resources have been taking over the forefront. All that is undoubtedly very important, but temporary. And people, and women especially, understand it; if not consciously, then purely intuitively. Because it is especially women who carry a great responsibility – the responsibility for the life and fate of their children.  

The book will be available soon. Stay tuned!