GTM. How to read magical literature

How to read magic literature? Part 1

How to read magical literature? 

One of the most important moments in the General Theory of Magic (GTM) course is knowing how to read specific magical literature.

The literature recommended in the course is quite specific and you may not want to read it at all. However, even if you do not want to, you should still make the effort to read it. Unfortunately, there are not many sources of information in our world that contain a magical component. You have to sift through a mountain of literature to find one really good source. These are the rules of the game: to get to the truth, you have to make an effort. 

So why do you have to read complex books? Why do you have to wade through the maze of incomprehensible words and phrases? 

Firstly, to stay in the informational channel. Secondly, so as not to lose the channel and the current of transformation. Thirdly, to significantly expand the process of self-education, because reading a book because it is fashionable and interesting is one thing, but reading because you have to is quite another. This is the very process of learning that does not ask whether we like it or not. In the process of learning magical mastery, the peculiarity of this attitude of magic to its adept must be grasped at once, so as not to be disappointed later. 

It must always be remembered that the printed word cannot go against the egregorial systems. In other words, the printed word must, in one way or another, support the egregorial systems that now control everything. In turn, the egregorial systems will do everything they can to make it difficult for you to find sources of magical information. They can’t destroy the information, they have no right to. But they can create a huge number of phantoms, empty copies, like in the tale of Maria the Weaver. The Water Spirit made a large number of Marias, one of which was real and the rest were phantoms. This is what egregorial systems do. They make so many copies that you can’t immediately tell whether it’s a copy or normal information unless you have the right skills. That skill comes with experience. You have to read a lot, really a lot. After a while, quantity will turn into quality and you will begin to see it. You will pick up a book in a shop or open an electronic book and from the first words, from its weight, from its format, from your sensations, from the way it is held in your hands, you will understand whether there is information in it or just empty wind.

But it takes time and effort to acquire such a skill. And until that skill is formed, we will have to suffer. We will have to read literature that can hardly be called fascinating. Moreover, some literature can be very irritating. But in order to keep our consciousness in the right field, we have to go through such literature. It is important to realise that this literature is heavy. It does not allow the consciousness to switch off, to change the subject, to do something else. This literature makes the consciousness heavy, makes it a little immobile, prevents it from leaving the informational channel that we are laying. Your consciousness acquires the quality of stability, and this is a very important quality for successful progress along the path of magical development. 

You can treat this literature in different ways, and after a year or so it will become clear to you. Some literature will make you smile, some literature that was a stone in your mind when you read it will suddenly open up and make sense, and you will wonder what was incomprehensible in what you once puzzled over.

After some time you will begin to look at this information with respect. For you will realise that it was written at a time when the proto-foundations of the first and second circles were not just nailed together, they were welded together. Not only was there no magic then, there was not even a hint that there could be. Back then, it wasn’t as if magic didn’t exist. There wasn’t even a hint that it might. Nevertheless, there was such an inner desire to awaken their own power that those who sought magic, in their desperation, awakened the Elements and managed to go beyond the inner circles to find information.

Despite the fact that there was no printed information at all, everything had been destroyed. And in spite of all the difficulties, they got this information. Yes, they passed it through their Christian consciousness, which was severely limited by the Old Testament, but they still passed this information and still managed to produce something that fulfilled this function of making consciousness heavier.

So it’s not important what it says. It’s important HOW it says it.


So when you read this literature and you are confronted with the fact that you absolutely do not understand the text, even though it is written in your native language, you will fight the temptation to stop reading, you will be angry and annoyed.

But if you manage to suppress your inner rebellion, you will notice how your consciousness becomes heavier, how the necessary channel of information is laid. And the desert of your own ignorance, your own powerlessness is melting under this information. And something begins to flow along that channel…

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